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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance helps protect you, your bike, and passengers from the financial consequences of an accident. Hitting the open road on your bike is a lot of fun but the bill for a motorcycle accident can quickly add up.

Liability coverage, which covers other people when you’re at fault for an accident, is required to operate a motorcycle in Minnesota. In addition to liability, there are many other coverage options available that may be right for you.

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Motorcycle Insurance Coverage


Pays for injuries and damage you cause to another party.

Uninsured/Under-insured Liability

Pays the amount you’d normally receive from an under-insured driver.


Pays to repair your bike when it’s damaged from hitting another vehicle or object.


Pays to repair your bike from damages other than a collision.

Custom Parts & Equipment

Pays to replace your custom parts and accessories.

Medical Payments

Pays for medical bills for you and your passenger if

Trip Interruption

If your bike is disabled on a trip, it pays for food, hotel, or transportation.

And many more


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