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RV Insurance

RV Insurance in Burnsville MN - A class C motorhome parked near the edge of a high desert road.

RV insurance combines many coverages common to auto insurance with property and liability coverages common to home insurance.

The coverage needed for your RV will vary with many factors, including the type of RV, when and where it’s used, the value, and more.

We’ll help you determine the appropriate coverage and compare quotes to find you the best deal. Give us a call at (612) 467-9591 or request quotes to get started.

RV Insurance Coverage



Pays for injuries and damage you cause to another party.


Pays to repair your RV when it’s damaged from hitting another vehicle or object.


Pays to repair your RV from damages other than a collision.

Uninsured/Underinsured Liability

Pays the amount you’d normally receive from an under-insured driver.

Full Timers Liability

For those that live in their RV full time, it pays for injuries to others in and around your RV.

RV Roadside Assistance

Pays for assistance or towing if your RV becomes disabled.

Vacation Liability

Pays for injuries to guests of your RV or campsite.

Personal Effects

Covers personal property in your RV from theft, damage, and more.

And many more

There are many optional coverages that may be a good fit for you.

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